The Church of the Good Shepherd Cherry Hill

TCGSCH Ministries

Our four major ministries were adopted from the Southern Baptist Convention model. These are Mission Ministry, Church Growth Ministry, Operation Ministry, and Personnel Ministry.  Each ministry is under the advisory of our church deacon(s).  Each church member is encouraged to be part of a ministry according to his/her God-given gifts.


Matthew 28:19-20
Every church has the responsibility and privilege of extending its ministry locally, nationally and internationally. Our efforts in this area range from proclaiming the gospel to meeting basic human needs, here and around the world. 

Church Growth

Ephesians 4:12
Christian growth is a key to deepening effective service to Christ. By providing trained leadership, Bible study resources, and a strong focus on missions, our church helps Christians grow toward mature disciples. 


1 King 8:20
The church building has been constructed in honor of God and as a gathering place for all who would come to learn from Him.   The church properties have been provided to be able to support our ministries. 


Luke 10:7
The Lord has led our pastor and staff to this church to equip members for ministry. Through preaching, teaching, counseling, and other ministries we are reminded of God's eternal care over us.